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Real estate agents are not home buyers, they “list” properties to see what they may fetch on open market.

Once they negotiate an offer you consider acceptable with a buyer, they charge you a small commission to sell your property. When using an agent there are no guarantees unlike a deal with vesper, the buyer may not be able to find financing or could put endless conditions on the sale that could waste years of your life and reduce the amount of value in the property. While we suggest all our clients hear our offers first, if we can’t reach a deal we can help you list your property for the amount you believe your property will sell for.

Patience is key when using an agent and the average property can take months to sell. Some take years and the taxes will build up and could cost you ownership! This ticking clock can pressure people into taking biased deals and causes stress and anxiety in home owners who are always incurring costs as they look for an offer on the open market.

To list your home, you will have to keep your living spaces clean at all times as your agent will want to show the home to potential buyers regularly if you hope to sell for a good price. Usually not until the day your property sells and you get your check, will you really know what you will end up with in the deal as the sales terms may include all sorts of refunds and warranties agreed upon between your agent and the buyer’s. Our agents can help you to understand exactly how much you’re going to receive once.

While we are a private real estate investor we don’t want to discourage you from listing your property. While we admit we want to buy your property. We don’t charge you any additional fees or commissions when buying your home, but when listing there will be commissions to pay if we can help you sell it.
When dealing internally we can always make a cash offer within 24 hours.
When we say we buy cash we mean NOW.
When selling to other buyers closing dates and payment terms are setup by both parties and can’t be foreseen until a deal is accepted by seller and buyer.

If you want to get a fast, hassle-free, stress-free closing, Choose Vesper.