How This Works – Vesper Properties

How This Works

Step 1


Give us a few details about your home and a short discussion with one of our staff will have a great cash offer for you to consider.

Step 2


We will help you compare our fair cash offer with our competitors to help show you their hidden fees and how no two lenders are the same.  no obligation and no fees will be charged until after you’ve been paid!

Step 3


In today’s market having money tied up in unused real estate can be costly. We can help you to Get the cash you need now. We’ve made deals in just hours. You could have the money you need tomorrow!



Our Process to buy your home is easy and fast
and Vesper has no hidden fees

We don’t aim to lead the industry, we want to change it.

Not all cash offers on homes are the same. We aren’t like the others. when we make an offer we aim to reduce any stress the seller might have to deal with at any point in the process.

Vesper is a family owned company who’s goal it is to prevent the leaders from unjustly feeding off home owners by making sure everyone gets free comparisons with all other factors considered.


We offer very valuable, no-obligation consultations free of any costs until we make a deal.

When you sell directly to us there are no expensive real estate commissions being paid to agents and tradesmen.


Our main focus is getting you paid!

We can close deals in as little as twenty four hours and can set closing dates much later too if you need to stay a while. We Take the time to help you find a deal that really helps you sell your home on your terms and on your time table.

When you want a fresh start, a real cash home buyer who is ready to close without conditions can help launch your future sooner.

When you own a house that you wish would sell fast,
You do not have to take a lower offer from companies that try to convince you it's ugly. Your home is beautiful, don't allow them anyone it's worth much less than it is.

Getting an offer from Vesper means that you are dealing with someone that understands that circumstances can lead people to sell and we aim to help make it easier to get a fair deal even if you home isn’t in perfect condition. We can help you make the best of any situation, get in touch with us and tell us what issues there are and our experts will guide you through EVERYTHING with no hidden costs or expenses before closing.