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1. You give us your information.

2. We make an offer.

3. You Accept.

4. You sign the proper documents.

5. We give you CASH!

It’s That Simple!

Are you ready for an offer? Check the list below to make sure you have everything you’ll need before you call:

Preparedness Checklist:

  1. Property Address  __
  2. Owner Information __
  3. If owner is deceased:
    • Death Certificate (if applicable) __
    • Heir Information (if applicable) __
  4. Most current mortgage statement (if applicable) __
  5. Pictures __

Here’s an example of a Traditional Offer you might see from our competitors vs. what you’ll see from Vesper Properties:

*The above is an example. Traditional offers are based on a real quote received from another cash buyer, amounts and fees will change based off of the value of your home. The Vesper Properties quote will vary only in the offer amount based upon home value.

Quality You Can See:

  • Our offer is our offer – guaranteed. So, you will never have to deal with stressful negotiations or hidden fees.
  • We will never surprise you with hidden costs/fees at the end of a transaction. While our offer could initially seem like less than our competitors, we believe in giving fair market value for every home upfront – without the hassle of paying a “middle man.” What you see IS what you will get.
  • We will take your home “as-is” …Really! We will. No market ready improvements or repairs will ever have to be done beforehand for you to be able to sell your home to us.
  • We are a cash buyer. That means you never have to wait around for an appraisal to receive the right offer for your home. We can finish a deal within 24 hours or less.
  • You will never have to feel uncertainty while waiting for your offer. We will keep an open line of communication through the entire process. So, even if you decide on another provider, we will walk with you through their steps to ensure confidence and that you’re not being taken advantage of. We are always ready to give you another offer if and when you’re ready.


Services That Give You Peace Of Mind:

1. Attorney Consultations:

At Vesper Properties we understand that going through legal matters can be stressful, and that good help in these situations is often hard to find.

  • We will assist you through any of our processes and provide you a free consultation with our attorney.
  • Don’t want to utilize ours? Not a problem. We will pay for a consultation with any attorney of your choosing.
  • Types of Services our Attorney’s Assist with:
  • – the probate process
  • – cleaning the title report for home
  • – multiple heirs in the division of wealth
  • – helping understand debts incurred
  • – understanding money owed if you stay in home
  • – transferring bank account after death
  • – calculation and comprehension of monetary value owed & why
  • – issues accrued via back taxes

2. Relocation Assistance:

We know that having to uproot your life suddenly and under the circumstances of facing foreclosure, or due to impending tax liens going unpaid, can add insurmountable stress to homeowners.

  • If you decide to sell to Vesper, we can often assist in the moving of your assets to your new location via a localized moving company.
  • We will assist in the selling of your assets if need be, title changes on inherited vehicles, and even helping to donate the contents of the home to charitable organizations and those in need.
  • Vesper is willing to work with eligible homeowners and give you time to pack up your home and readiness to move your family by substantially lowering rent payments or allowing you to live in the home rent free for an agreed upon amount of time, after we have purchased the home.
  • We understand that life happens, and circumstances at hand can be such that homeowners weren’t aware of their dues, or simply don’t understand their options. For this reason, and others, we have put Buy Back Options for homeowners who sell to us into place, so you don’t lose your home to an entity you can’t get it back from. The steps are simple:
  • – We purchase your home
  • – The deed to the house becomes ours
  • – We pay off any liens/taxes etc toward the home
  • – You make rent payments to Vesper during “Buy-Back Period”
  • – At the end of the allotted period you can purchase the home back. Simple!

3. Probate Process:

We will help you organize and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Family is family. We are a family owned and operated business, and we care about what happens to our clients during what can be very difficult and emotional times.

  • If you are estranged from family members, but are a rightful heir to an estate, you have legal rights. We will pay for your consultation and get you in touch with our attorney, who can walk you through the process and educate you on your shared ownership rights.
  • If you find yourself named in a lawsuit over an estate we will cover your consultation fee with our attorney or one of your choosing to walk you through how to proceed with the division of assets.
  • Pulling value out of a co-owned estate can be complicated. So, we will help you understand your options and can show you ways to get early access to the resources that are tied up in disputes.
  • We will go above and beyond to assist you in defining your rights as an heir, and not only give you cash for your inherited property, but peace of mind knowing it’s in good hands.