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Talk To a Home Consultant

Talk to a consultant for free at your convenience 

In a world with so much competition. We offer comparison shopping for home sellers, setup a free meeting with one of our experts and get professional advice on your property today. We have Accountants, Relocation assistance advisers, Purchasing specialists and home improvement professionals standing by ready to help you quickly while saving you money and keeping the equity in the hands of the owner.

Our team can work within the tightest deadlines, Some deals can take as little as a day!


Helping to understand the debts incurred and the money owed if you stay is always part of our discussions so that there will not be any surprises if you choose to stay or if you sell. Hidden fees are left out until closing with out competitors. We promise to explain every single cost up front and how we can move the billings until after you close and have been paid.

We can even Assist you in cleaning the title report for the home if there are any issues.

We can help you calculate all debts on a property and will talk to you until you completely understand what is owed and why. We can even explain back taxes and how we can help you protect yourself from being overcharged for other people’s mistakes.

We can offer you free in person meetings or Online meetings that don’t require ever meeting in person at all.

Even the deed signing can be done online.